We have a wide range of sizing chemicals for various applications from simple cotton to technical fabrics. Our sizing polymers can be used in countries like Western Europe, USA, South East Asia and China. Our product range includes water soluble polyester resin for spun yarn and filament yarn sizing and substitute acrylic polymers. Products are specially designed to meet all future requirement of performance and bio-degradability.

1. Spun Yarn Sizing

Specially engineered for better bio-degradability, this low viscosity water soluble polyester resin can replace PVA or Acrylic in spun yarn sizing as well as cotton.

  • Polyester Resin Binder
  • 1 part of this low viscosity size can replace 2 parts of PVA or Acrylic with better economics, excellent abrasion resistance and strength.
    Polyester resin for spun yarn sizing that can fully replace PVA, Acrylics, CMC & other binders for better economics & performance.

  • Starch Free Sizing System Formulated with Resin
  • Designed using special co-monomers, this sustainable starch free sizing system is based on water soluble polyester resin as sizing binder.
    Single component sizing system without starch that reduces COD substantially. Can also be used as a binder along with starch in sizing of 100% cellulose & cellulose blends.

  • One Shot Size
  • One shot size for fine and coarse counts with excellent coating and abrasion resistance properties.
    One shot size for sizing of cotton, PC/PV blended yarn of fine counts.
    One shot size for sizing of cotton, PC/PV blended yarn of medium or coarse counts.

2. Filament Yarn Sizing

Highly efficient polyester resin for filament yarn sizing that can compete against acrylics with less pick-up and better loom efficiency.

  • Polyester Resin Binder
  • Specially designed water soluble polyester resin used as warp sizing binder suitable for wide range of yarns with excellent de-sizing.
    New generation of polyester resin for sizing of filament yarn suitable for both water and air jet application.

3. Sizing Lubricant

Efficient ester based functional polymeric hydrophilic lubricant.
Unique hydrophilic sizing lubricant with hairiness control.

4. Yarn Softener

Hydrophilic polymeric finishing softener. Durable finish with excellent surface smoothness.
Efficient lubricant for dyed cotton yarn and its blends with excellent softness.

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